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Happy Holi 2016

All here What is Holi, when is holi and Why holi is celebrated in our article today’s article. Today we will tell you about a biggest festival of India which is Holi and we are going to wish you a grand and very happy holi. As we all are know that Holi is almost here and we are too eager to celebrate Holi 2016.

Holi is the one of biggest festival for Indians and every Indian wants to make it special. Holi is the second biggest festival after Diwali. Holi marks the beginning of summers in India. Holi is also known as festival of colors. Holi is a festival when people forgot all fight and differences and hug each other with love. You can see small kids with colors even before holi has arrived. They can be seen throwing balloons which can be filled with water and colours by using water gun (pichkari) and no one angry or bad because everyone said “Bura na mano holi hai”.


Holi, I think for Indians this is the name of happiness on this day everyone forget their fights and any other bad moments and go to their friends and relatives to make their relationship sweeter and better than before. So now what about you what do think about holi. I have a lot of ideas to celebrate this festival and why only me every Indian is very excited for this festival of colors and we all ready to celebrate this happy holi 2016 festival.

As we know that holi is the festival of colors then we are ready to enjoy holi colors. We have a lot of sweets and food items in holi and enjoy them with our friends and family.
Holi its just not a festival only to celebrate in fact this is day to celebrate the victory of goodness on badness. Holi has a Puranic story of Holika. We celebrate Holi every year but this is the death day of Holika. Who is Holika ? Why we celebrate Holi ? When is Holi ?

Today we are here to tell you some interesting facts of Holi we will tell you about Holika and Prahlaad but before this lets enjoy this article. We are Indians and Holi and Diwali are the biggest festival for us and after Diwali Holi is one the big festival for us and seriously Holi is amazing, on this day you can see every child is full of excitement with Pichkari and Balloons which are full fill with water and water colors. All the children are sweet as we know but on Holi i think no one is sweet Why ? Hey because they can hit you with balloons and also can throw water on you so please if you don’t like this type of activities so please don’t come out from your house because you can’t do anything Why ? Bura na maano Holi hai.

In India we have a lot excitement for holi we all are eagerly waiting for this amazing festival we will enjoy with Colors, Gulaal, Water balloons and sweets also. All the people go to their friend and relatives to celebrate their festival with them. On this amazing day every one hug each other and say Happy Holi to each other. In India this a big day to celebrate.
Holi is the translation of word hola which mean a prayer to god and thanksgiving for god for all those things which we have, for everything food, money, cloths and one of the big thing happiness. So holi is the day to say thanks to god and pray for our future. Holi is just not a day to celebrate in fact its a day of brotherhood and happiness on this day just go and stop all your fights and lets forgot all problems and give a new start of your relation with those people who have a fight with you.

The Holi festival can be seen as a celebration of the colors of Unity & Brotherhood – Its a day to forget all fights, differences and enter into pure fun and entertainment. Its a festival to celebrate without any difference of cast, creed, color, race, status or sex.

Holi is the symbol of universal brotherhood and love, in each other. As we know on this day everyone is in the color of holi so no one is different all the people are same with the color of holi. Holi mean a symbol of brotherhood and love. When i see a child with water gun i remember my childhood that was really awesome in fact why only my childhood was awesome everyone wants to go back back again because that was the time when we have no limits and no boundaries and we have a lot of time to celebrate every festival like Holi, Diwali, Rakshabandhan and many more but Diwali and Holi are the best festival for every child to celebrate. So in India we have a great meaning of Holi but in short we can say its a festival of love and brotherhood.

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